Elevated Photography

Our secret weapon

Elevated Photography – A whole new perspective

We’ve photographed hundreds of homes, job sites and commercial properties since 2008. Using our truck mounted pneumatic mast we can take photographs from up to 60′ in the air. Using our laptop we control the camera from the ground. We can view what the camera sees, zoom in/out and take the photograph by using the laptop in our vehicle.

By getting the camera above ground level we can provide you with a unique perspective that will capture the attention of the viewer and provide you with an amazing overall view. Used in residential real estate, our photographs can accentuate landscape features and great architecture of homes or commercial buildings. When used on construction job sites elevated photography can provide you, and your client, a better overall view of the progression of the project.

Have an event or concert where you need to capture video or photography from unique views? Do you have a project that needs that special point of view? We can get that eye-catching photo that will make you, or your project, stand out from the crowd.

Give us a call and let us show you what you’ve been missing.

View the images in the gallery below.

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